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Your TS80 – Music player

ByTina R. Wimmer

Dec 31, 2019

By now, most readers are familiar with the Miniware TS100 and TS80 soldering irons, compact and lightweight temperature-controlled soldering tools that have set a new standard in the market for the cheapest soldering irons. We know that they have an STM32 processor, a USB interface and an OLED display, and that a variety of alternative firmwares have been produced for them.

Take a close look at the TS80 and you’ll find that the Element Connector is quite familiar. It’s a 3.5mm jack, something we’re more used to as an audio connector. Surely the audio from a soldering iron would be crazy? Not if you are [Joric], who created a music player firmware for the small USB-C iron. It’s barely a tour de force of musical entertainment and that won’t move audiophiles away from their benchmark DACs, but it does produce at least one We wish you a Merry Christmas as you will see in the video below the break.

Since the TS100 arrived a few years ago, we’ve seen a variety of inventive firmware for it. You may remember [Joric]The previous triumph of a Tetris game for iron, but our favorite is probably the TS100 oscilloscope.

Thank you [cahbtexhuk] for the tip.

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