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Winamp music player; A living legend, getting ready for a relaunch –

ByTina R. Wimmer

Nov 25, 2021

Nullsoft was the original owner of Winamp, Music Player. In 1999, the company was sold to AOL. AOL sold Winamp and its associated components to Radionomy in 2014. The company’s reputation declined significantly during this period. There have been many efforts to resurrect the app, but none have been successful. The company officially released the first upgrade to Winamp in years in 2018. The new version includes compatibility for both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

With a revised website, logo, and new beta registration, Winamp is getting closer to launch, allowing people to rate the future version of the media player. Winamp, with its vintage skins and animated visualizers that accompanied music, was one of the most popular media players for playing MP3s. However, with the release of version 5.666 in 2013, Winamp saw no further maintenance.

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Winamp music player; Living legend gears up for relaunch and registration for beta testers is now open

Radionomy, the parent company of Winamp, gives a preview of the upcoming redesign with a revised website, logo and new beta registration that allows users to test the current version of the program with a new twist. In 1997, the Winamp media player for PC was released. Before the introduction of streaming apps like Spotify, it was one of the most important sites for playing MP3 files.

After Winamp 5.8 was leaked to the internet in October 2018, the creators decided to post the leaked version on their Winamp.com website so that everyone can enjoy it in all its vintage beauty. Sadly, despite Radionomy’s claims that they had major intentions for Winamp, no new version has been released since then.

The new Winamp website presents a new look and a new visual identity. The website’s motto is “Winamp for the Next Generation”, and the app will allow users to listen to Internet radio and podcasts. People can now sign up for a beta test of Winamp by entering their details on the website. “Winamp is a living legend. Since 1997, he has been a game-changer. A media player with a history and a thriving community of 80 million active users around the world.

Artists and audio creators are also invited to the platform by the media player. Winamp offers creators the freedom over their material as well as assistance in connecting with fans to generate more equitable income. It is not known which version of Winamp will be available for testing. Interested users can always download the current version 5.8 of Winamp. At present, the company claims to have 80 million active users worldwide.

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