• Sat. May 14th, 2022

This portable music player is a must have for audiophiles on the go

Nowadays, you can stream music to just about any phone or tablet. However, the audio quality provided by Spotify and Apple Music is not enough to appeal to true audiophiles. Thanks to a high-end chip, the AP80 portable music player delivers much more satisfying sound through headphones or speaker. You can get it now for $ 125.10 at the XDA Developer Repository.

Unlike your smartphone, the AP80 has been specially designed for music. The device runs on HiBy 3.0 OS, a variant of Linux that offers lossless playback and excellent audio features. Sounds are processed by a high-end ESS chip, which delivers SNR up to 126dB and THD + N down to -113dB.

If all of these specs are beyond you, it makes your music sound much clearer than you are used to.

You can connect the AP80 to headphones and speakers via Bluetooth or using the 3.5 jack. The music player also features aptX technology for better wireless sound, while Mage Sound 8-Ball Tuning provides personalized mixing.

Measuring just 2.3 inches tall, the AP80 is truly small enough to take anywhere. You get 15 hours of playback on a full charge, and the memory can be expanded up to 1TB.

Normally priced at $ 139, this pocket music player is now only $ 125.10 with this agreement.

Prices subject to change

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