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This cassette is actually a cool music player 2021 Tips

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Check that this cassette is actually a cool music player

Once upon a time, the cassette It was one of the first technologies that shaped today’s digital media world. Unfortunately, over time the cassette was replaced by a much more portable CD, which in turn was replaced by the modern digital audio player.

As the days of cassettes are definitely over, a company called Mixxim is looking for update format for the modern user. The result of this update is Mixxtape, a cassette-shaped digital audio player that works as a fully functional cassette.

For him digital audio player that is part of Mixxtape, the device comes with a memory card slot that allows the user to use their own microSD card. Once the card is inserted, Mixxtape would then proceed to play the music from it.

In terms of supported music files, Mixxtape is capable of playing a wide variety of music files today, such as standard and lossless MP3 file formats like FLAC.

Controlling the Mixxtape is also fairly straightforward, as it comes with a integrated LCD display and touch controls. The Mixxtape also comes with Bluetooth 3.0, you can therefore choose to stream your music to a Bluetooth speaker. However, if you are looking for a more traditional experience, the Mixxtape has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Mixxtape’s battery life is also quite impressive as it can provide up to 12 hours of playback. After the battery is exhausted, you can fully charged in one hour.

However, what makes Mixxtape stand out from other digital audio players it is its ability to function like a normal tape. With Mixxtape, the creators have chosen to implement a magnetic head, which replaces the magnetic tape that can be found on a standard cassette.

With it, the user can just put this thing on an old fashioned cassette player, and the player could play it like a normal tape. Of course, whether it is a to have a cassette player again is a whole other matter.

At the time of writing, the Kickstarter project for Mixxtape possesses meets fundraising goal of $ 10,000 with 14 more days. Those interested in purchasing one of these devices should donate at least 40 USD, and I can wait receive your devices in january.

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Final words: this cassette is actually a cool music player

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