• Sat. May 14th, 2022

The iconic music player gets his own adorable collectible figure!

Do you remember the glory days of capitalism when you could line up in the thousands for the chance to buy a little box that could hold more songs than you could ever imagine? Forgive my slight pessimism, but I truly remember the days of the iPod, a product that completely changed the music industry as we know it. He revolutionized flash storage, the birth (and subsequent death) of MP3s, the rise of singles on albums, he championed the portability of music in a way that completely overthrew the Walkman and the Discman, caused the era of anodized aluminum and, more importantly, cemented Apple’s clean, responsive, and revolutionary design language.

In fact, the music player is so iconic that someone decided it deserved its own minifigure! Say hello to the iBoy, a collectible that captures the combined joy of an action toy with the world’s most famous music-playing device. Clearly modeled after Apple’s classic Reader, the iBoy comes with moveable hands and legs that attach and detach via magnets, and droid antennae that manifest from either side of the iBoy’s head. ‘iBoy in the form of headphones!

The iBoy’s design captures the music player’s most realistic and believable detail, turning it into a nostalgic, retro-inspired keepsake. The iBoy’s torso is made entirely of ABS plastic, while the back is polished chrome metal. The figure even comes with a screen and ports (not real ones, obviously) and is complete with realistic artwork engraved on the metal back, and real touch controls and a rotary wheel on the front with lifelike realistic feedback that looks exactly like the original. .

The ports are also scaled, and the iBoy even has its own headphone cable that you can plug directly into it for further customization, because the iBoy isn’t just a static figure. You can do it standing, sitting, waving, doing a split or even yoga. The metal back extends to the sides, allowing you to magnetically interchange and reposition iBoy’s appendages, making it stand next to your laptop in your workspace, or sit on top of your alarm clock …and occasionally tap and rotate its absolutely divine touch controls for an overwhelming wave of nostalgia…or should I say .wav of nostalgia! (If you get it, you get it!)

Designer: Philip Lee

Click here to buy now: $37 $43 (14% discount).

iBoy Retro Figure by Classicbot

A heartfelt tribute to the beloved iconic mp3 player that changed everything. iBoy is an adorable, transformable and collectible desktop accessory.

iBoy doesn’t play any music, but it’s still great fun

iBoy is 100% free of electronic parts or functions, but each iBoy’s arms and legs with magnetic joints are endless fun to move and play with.

There’s even a realistic detachable headset that ensures effortless switching between device robot and MP3 styles.

You can easily switch between iBoy’s robot and MP3 styles.

Two versions to choose from. iBoy regular version and iBoy To U special edition.

The perfect violin toy

Each unit comes with an easily rotating control wheel and an easy-to-ear clickable button, making it the perfect violin toy.

Click here to buy now: $37 $43 (14% discount). Hurry, for a limited time only!