• Sat. May 14th, 2022

Someone made a music player for Android Auto, and it’s really awesome

Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer are three of the most popular music streaming apps these days, so it goes without saying that the majority of drivers use them when getting behind the wheel.

But on the other hand, while these apps are really useful when it comes to streaming media, they lack the features to play local media which a lot of people still do because they just want to listen to their favorite music or no. have a permanent data connection.

At this point there are already several music player apps in the Google Play Store, but a new one released today has a feature set that meets most needs, all packed into a really clean and simple user interface. .

Called Auri Music, the player is created by a redditor who says he decided to create his own app because the ones that exist “lack certain features that I would consider crucial.”

Auri Music is an offline music player that supports shuffle, a favorite option you can use while driving, as well as a search function to search for a specific song throughout your library.

It supports excluding playlists from your shuffle mix, tagging your favorite tracks while driving, and features a simple and attractive layout while letting you search your entire library (if enabled in the settings). Also, there is support for multiple artists and genres per track + the ability to disable or enable certain operations if you want to perform an action (e.g. change repeat mode) without entering a submenu first. ,», Explains the developer.

Of course, the app is available for free on the Google Play Store, so you can download Auri Music right now using this link. The developer says more updates are already planned with fixes for the bugs discovered, so be sure to report any issues you may encounter.

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