Reloj Smart Watch GPS TRD18

Category : Music Player

Key Specifications/ Special Features:

TRD18 Music Call smart watch

  1. Bluetooth HD call, address book, call record;
  2. The watch’s local MP3 player can be connected to TWS earphones to enjoy music while exercising;
  3. Local recording;

Pros: Once connected to your phone, which takes only minutes, it functions amazing. Snappy quick notifications and calls forwarded to the watch. Love the ability to make and take calls using the Bluetooth watch. Beautiful and vibrant color display for the watch face, and the ability to change it to one of dozens of watchfaces seems to give much in the way of variety. Stopwatch, timer functions, your local weather from the watch itself is great! Price is incredibly competitive seeing name brand watches go for triple or more for the same value.

I love this watch, it’s just as hardcore as my drill sergeant in Parris Island, gunnery Sergeant Thompson, accidentally I’ve smacked the face of this watch against metal concrete because sometimes you get into tight situations and the face of the watch will definitely smack against something metal glass concrete etc, and this watch will literally take a beating I’ve seen the promotional videos where they’re trying to drill through it they hit it with a hammer whatever type of glass they’re using it’s probably more like quartz, because the name on the front of the watch describes everything a complete tank, this watch is definitely nuclear bomb proof, as far as charging capability with the wireless charger pretty cool, definitely hassle free and quick charge, even at like 5% this box will charge to 100 in less than an hour, functions extremely well the only thing that doesn’t work really well is monitoring my sleep behavior, for some reason it seems like if I sleep 8 hours I’m only getting 10 to 30 minutes of actual REM sleep deep sleep, but how can the watch distinguish REM sleep from regular sleep according to your blood pressure or your pulse rate every individual is different so how can you possibly measure that for one person to the next because someone could have a higher pulse rate yet they’re in a REM sleep, but as far as the other functions 100%, the heart rate monitor blood oxygen levels everything is on point, as far as thinking it to your phone and getting all your notifications and messages there is no type of sound effect when somebody basically messages you or alerts you the only thing you really have is a vibration which you could turn off in order to make the battery last longer, besides being one of the most hardcore smart watches on the market or the best possible price, definitely has a lot of features and functions that I enjoy like using my own personal pictures as the wallpaper for this watch, also the fact that there’s no need to bring this watch to a jeweler or order another battery and take off the bottom panel to swap out batteries a few years later because it’s rechargeable,I read some reviews for people say they get a week or two with a single battery charge but it’s probably because they have all their notifications enabled for every single application they have the vibrate feature on and they also probably have the brightness as high as it’ll go and that will drain your battery down within like a week or two, I’m going for performance, and longevity, so my screen is tinted down pretty much all the way to where you can almost not see it especially outside in the bright sunlight, but as far as how long it’ll really last if you have the brightness and everything adjusted to get maximum power efficiency, I would say probably more than 3 weeks some people say they got over two weeks without a single charge but I’m at almost 3 weeks and still at 54% battery power, so I think the maximum amount of power and longevity you’re going to get before you have to charge this is probably a month 30 days, which is actually really good because who wants the charger smartwatch like their cell phone everyday or every other day, and between having a really good battery lots of features and if you take a look at the custom military green digital analog that I set up for this watch you can take a selfie of your own face and put it on your watch if you wanted to, or you can put a picture of your beautiful wife or some of your beautiful kids of your family, features are definitely decent 9 out of 10, power and longevity excellent 10 out of 10, and my most favorite feature how hardcore this watch is, seriously if you ever get mad and lose your temper and have a conniption fit instead of throwing your phone throw your watch because this will not break you can probably run it over with your car in the parking lot and the watch will still work it might be slightly bent or disfigured or scratched but it’s still going to function and work properly, I’ve never literally seen a smartwatch that was nuke proof, so if you’re the type of person that’s extremely hardcore with your technology because of your work or you’re just a heavy handed person and you slam your electronics around because you just live a rough and rugged lifestyle and you’re always on the go this is definitely a watch that’s indestructible, I know a lot of you construction workers and Mason workers and carpentry workers are extremely hard on your gear especially your watches, so you’re looking for a watch that can basically stand up till your daily activities, this is the one the tank.