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Plexamp Music Player gains remote control capabilities in new update – Review Geek

ByTina R. Wimmer

Feb 15, 2022

Plex isn’t just for movies and TV shows. The streaming platform also lets you build a personal music collection that you can stream from anywhere. And now the Plexamp music player gains a ton of improvements and new features with the v4.0 update.

Application performance is the defining feature of this update. Your Plexamp library should load much faster than before (Reddit users confirm this), and bugs related to queuing, offline listening, and TIDAL should be fixed. Additionally, Plexamp will now automatically connect to your Android Auto system.

As explained by Plex CTO and co-founder Elan Feingold,

We are excited to share the next major release of Plexamp with you! One of the main focus of this release was to upgrade some of the core elements of the app (React Native 27, React Navigation 11 and many more). The result is a faster, smoother app that launches faster and moves between screens more easily.

Here are the new Plexamp features introduced with the v4.0 update:

  • Much faster/smoother navigation.
  • Support for remote control.
  • Translucent header.
  • “Reconnect to players” setting.
  • iOS: setting to hide the status bar.
  • Android: Switch to AAudio by default.

The other major feature here, as you’ve probably noticed, is remote control support. Like Spotify Connect, this feature lets you control volume, song selection, queue, and more. a Plexamp player using another Plexamp-equipped device. (The original version of Plexamp offered remote control, but it was discontinued with the v3.0 update.)

Notably, Elan Feingold claims that the return of the remote could lead to a headless version of Plexamp for Raspberry Pi and other computers.

You can install Plexamp v4.0 on your PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android device. The app is not available on smart TVs or other devices. A full list of Plexamp 4.0 changes and bugfixes can be found on the Plex forum.

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Source: Plex Laboratories