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Plex launches standalone music player and server management apps on Android

Plexamp and Plex Dash require a subscription

Plex launched its own video streaming service not too long ago, but the platform remains dedicated to fans who appreciate it for its core capabilities – managing and accessing their own media. To make life easier for these people, the company introduced two new apps as part of its Labs program: Plexamp, which is supposed to be the go-to destination for listening to your music, and Plex Dash, a mobile server management tool. Biggest caveat: You need the Plex Pass to use either.


People familiar with Plex have probably heard of Plexamp before because it was a Plex Labs desktop app that unfortunately ran into dead ends. That’s why Plexamp 3.0.0 is a complete rewrite based on React Native, optimized to work on all platforms.

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As an audio app, Plexamp comes with the OPUS codec which ensures high quality at low bit rate and caches songs for instant playback. The player has a SoundCloud-esque search bar and blurry backgrounds, with colors taken from the album art. It lets you explore your historical charts, like what you were listening to in fall 2019 or the 60s music you love the most. Along with Tidal integration, you also get access to discovery radio, custom mixes, stations, and downloads – it pretty much feels like a full-fledged streaming service. For a deep dive into all the considerations that went into creating the app, check out Plex’s Medium post.

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Plex created Dash to make it easier to manage your files. The application provides you with all the features available on the web service. You can view all readings across multiple servers from your phone, and artwork and metadata can be edited without ever touching the keyboard and mouse. The app uses the same codebase as Plexamp, so the two apps behave essentially visually similarly.

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The app’s dashboard lets you know what’s going on on your server, so if you want to constantly monitor it, you can take an old phone or tablet and hang it on the wall. Apart from that, Dash gives you access to your best charts, history, and libraries. You can also search for new media using just the app, and there are more advanced features like real-time server graphics, media details, and a live server log viewer.

Both apps are available on the Play Store and APK Mirror (Plexamp, Plex Dash) – but keep in mind that you must have a Plex Pass to use them. In the long run, some of the features introduced in these apps will also be incorporated into the standard Plex app.

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