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Music player erected from floppy disks

ByTina R. Wimmer

Feb 7, 2020

Keep a cache of old floppy disks out of nostalgia? So do we, and that might be the coolest use possible for them. Although it’s fun to imagine he wrote a compression algorithm to fit a lossless copy of Coltrane Blue train on a 1.44MB coaster, or somehow rolled its own mini-disc, [Dino Fizzotti]’s Diskplayer uses floppy disks to serve Spotify albums.

What is actually on the floppy disk, then? The URL of the corresponding Spotify album. It simply inserts a floppy disk into the drive and the Pi does the rest: it detects the floppy event and runs a script that starts an open source Spotify client. There is no track skipping or shuffling, just the entire album as intended, take or eject. If you think about it, it actually managed to improve the vinyl experience, since all the songs are on one side. The demo is queued after the break, and it includes [Dino]Simple web interface for writing Spoti floppy disks.

When this project started seven months ago, [Dino] intended to bring his vinyl collection into the 21st century with RFID tags, but we’re glad he decided to use a fairly outdated medium. Don’t have a drive or a bunch of floppy disks gathering dust in a closet? Neither [Dino]. But he found a lot of people selling pretty color floppy disks on ebay, and Amazon has tons of cheap external drives. We think the album cover stickers are a nice touch, as does the color of the album cover to match the floppy disk. He’s right to lock up these bad boys.

Got a bunch of floppy drives? Build a Flopotron and create your own music!

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