Mortgage loan in forty – check if you have a chance

Are you planning to buy a flat or build a house? It is impossible not to think about a mortgage loan then. We checked whether the age of the borrower is important for the bank and when is it best to apply for a loan?

The mortgage market in Poland is flourishing. According to the Ramon Rasfi Report, in the second quarter of 2018, banks granted a total of 53 686 new mortgage loans for housing purposes. The number of new contracts was higher by 7.74% than in the corresponding period of the previous year. The value of new loans in the second quarter exceeded expectations, reaching PLN 13,741 billion – by 6.40% more than in the previous quarter. This means that these results are the best compared to the last few years.

At what age is it best to apply for a mortgage?


In the majority of banks, the maximum age of the oldest borrower at the time of loan repayment is 70 years. This is due to the fact that after retirement the borrower will lose some of his income, which may make it difficult to repay the loan. However, in many institutions, the loan can be repaid even up to the age of 80, and even longer.

Considering the age of the customer at the time the loan is repaid, the banks can be divided into:

  • non-financial – the loan can be repaid at the age of 80, and even later,
  • moderately non-emergency – loan repayment can take place at the age of 75,
  • not very stringent under certain conditions – repayment of the loan may take place later than 70 years, if the client meets certain conditions,
  • quite rigorous – repayment must take place up to 70 years old,
  • rigorous – repayment must take place up to 67 years of age.

The table shows how the maximum loan period and the maximum age of the borrower at the time the mortgage payment looks in different banks. Information verified in October 2018.

Data are sorted in ascending order according to the maximum age of the borrower.


Repaying a loan up to the age of 80 is not a dream offer for borrowers. Why, then, do banks extend their loan periods? They do it for clients who have reached the age of forty and want to take a loan for several dozen years, but pay it back sooner . This is the case, for example, for parents who support lending to their children or persons who invest in a flat (flat) for rent.

However, according to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), banks are extending the loan period anyway. With many lenders, a man can take a loan that he will pay back at 75 and even more years. Meanwhile, the average age of a man in Poland is 74 years old . The KNF also states that every fourth mortgage loan granted to people who will retire before the end of repayment. This may deteriorate the quality of the banks’ loan portfolio in the future.

At what age is it best to take out a mortgage?

money loan

With a mortgage you do not have to hurry and take it after you are 18 years old. It is definitely worth filing an application when the financial situation allows it, and when we are in the age giving the chance to pay off the last installment before the end of professional activity. If according to ZUS predictions in 2050, the ratio of the amount of the last payment to the amount of the pension is to be in the range of 25-35%, then servicing the loan installment for some borrowers may become quite a problem.

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