• Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Launch of HiFi Doppler music player for Mac with iOS integration

Doppler for Mac makes it easy to listen to your own music collection.
Photo: Doppler

If you enjoy listening to your own music library and want support for high-resolution file formats, Doppler for Mac might be for you. It is now available, joining the popular Doppler app for iPhone.

Doppler for macOS makes it easy to use your media collection. It has a drag and drop feature in order to add new music to your vault without any hassle. “Just drag, drop and play,” says its website. No special steps to convert files are required.

Doppler for Mac: Support for high resolution files

Doppler supports popular formats like MP3, AAC and M4A, but also high quality lossless formats like FLAC, ALAC and WAV.

Using the app, it is simple to transfer music files and playlists between iPhone and Mac via Wi-Fi or USB connection. You can search for artwork with one click, merge albums, edit metadata, and enjoy a play queue.

Hey, there’s a reason Doppler for iPhone has already done the Mac Cult List of awesome apps of the week. Now maybe Doppler for macOS will too.

Compatible with the Sleeve mini player

Doppler for Mac is compatible with the third-party Sleeve mini player, which many people consider a powerful tool. It is designed for macOS and highly customizable. The two apps can work together to boost your music collection.

Doppler for Mac and iOS comes from developer Brushed Type, who said support for shortcuts will be rolled out later.

Price: Doppler for Mac has a 7-day free trial, then $ 25; Doppler for iPhone is $ 7 after testing.

Where to download: Doppler

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