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Is this music player worth the hype? – Chicago Tribune

ByTina R. Wimmer

Jun 14, 2021

Music not only helps increase the intensity of your workout, but the right playlist can help you get back to your resting heart rate faster to reduce cardiac stress. However, it can be cumbersome to carry a smartphone with you during an intense workout. Also, depending on the type of workout you do and the type of smartphone you have, you may unnecessarily damage your expensive devices.

Powerful has a solution. The Mighty Vibe is a small device – 1.5 by 1.5 inches – that weighs less than an ounce and can be clipped to your clothing while exercising to provide a phone-free listening experience. In addition, this model has an IPX4 rating, which makes it water resistant.

Being able to listen to playlists without fear of damaging your high-end smartphone, whether working out or just lounging around, sounded very appealing. So we tested the Mighty Vibe to determine its performance. That’s what we discovered.

We usually stream Spotify playlists through our iPhone. When we train, we use AirPods.

For this review, we used the Mighty app to sync music from our smartphone to the Mighty Vibe and paired the device with wireless headphones so we could listen offline. We used the Mighty Vibe in a wide variety of environments to evaluate its performance.

The Mighty Vibe is a lightweight and highly portable music playback device that is water and drop resistant. It doesn’t feature any distracting screens, just an intuitive interface that lets you browse playlists and synced podcasts from Spotify Premium or Amazon Music. It can store over 1,000 songs and has a battery life of around 5 hours. The device can be used with wired or wireless headphones.

The Mighty Vibe is designed to be used during all types of workouts, no matter how much sweat you sweat. However, its use is not limited to inspiring your workouts, you can use the Mighty music player anytime and anywhere you want to listen to music.

The Mighty Vibe is a small, lightweight gadget with a large clip on the back. We strapped this music player to clothes and found it not only held up really well, but was so small it was barely noticeable.

As for the features, you will need to charge the device and download and install the Mighty Audio app on your smartphone to get started. Then you use your Spotify Premium or Amazon Music account to sync (upload) the audio to the Mighty Vibe so you can listen without being connected to your smartphone.

  1. Before syncing (downloading) music to the Mighty Vibe, you must first have an active Spotify Premium or Amazon Music account.
  2. Using your smartphone, search for “Mighty Audio” in the App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. After downloading and installing the app, follow the on-screen instructions to set up a Mighty account – this will also connect your Mighty Vibe to your Bluetooth headphones, Wi-Fi and music streaming accounts. If you skip this step, it’s possible to manually connect your devices and accounts, but the process is a bit more involved.
  4. Using the Mighty Audio app navigation screen, select all of the content you want to sync to the Mighty Vibe.
  5. Once all content has been selected, press “SYNC NOW” to download playlists to your Mighty Vibe.

When you sync audio to your Mighty Vibe, you’re actually downloading the tracks to the device, so you no longer need to be connected to the internet to listen. That’s why you need to have a Spotify Premium account – free accounts don’t allow you to download audio. The Mighty Vibe has 8GB of built-in storage that can hold over 1,000 songs, although that number depends on the length of the individual songs. As long as you have a pair of headphones, wired or wireless, you can listen to your downloaded music offline for as long as the battery lasts.

The instructions recommend charging the Mighty Vibe for a good hour before using it. We thought that was good advice. Although the device can reach about half a charge in 20 minutes, it usually takes an hour to fully charge. Once charged, the unit lasts approximately 5 hours.

During the trial period, we tested the limits of the Mighty Vibe by playing the music and deliberately dropping the device on the ground and in shallow water. After each drop there was a little crackle and some signal breakup, but the Mighty Vibe never lost the connection and ended up delivering a smooth listening experience.

The Mighty Vibe costs $109.99. If you lose your charging cable or just prefer to keep a backup handy, these are available for $9.99. The company also offers a hard-shell storage case for $14.99.

You can purchase the Mighty Vibe from the Mighty website.

Since the Mighty Vibe clips onto your clothes and can be listened to offline, you don’t have to worry about dropping or damaging your smartphone while working out. Because there’s no screen, you won’t be distracted by social media feeds or games while you work out. It is easy to use and has great intuitive controls.

The Mighty Vibe also has voice playlist navigation – it speaks the name of the current playlist into your headphones. The device can be fully submerged without fear of damage and is sturdy enough to withstand a little accidental use. If ever something goes wrong with your Mighty Vibe, however, customer service is very responsive.

Although a minor concern, the unit takes around 30 seconds to start up, which can be frustrating for people looking to start their workout. Arguably the biggest downside is configuration and synchronization. It can take a long time to get your Mighty Vibe ready for your first workout. However, to get the offline functionality that makes this device so desirable, the extra step is a must. To keep things as simple as possible, ‘stay fresh’ technology automatically updates your playlists on the Mighty Vibe. If you use the same playlists, you only have to worry about the configuration once.

The Mighty Vibe is a convenient, worry-free way to listen to music while exercising, camping, boating, or doing everyday activities around the house. If you like listening to your music without the constant fear of accidentally damaging your smartphone, the Mighty Vibe is worth the price.

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