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How to use the Black Ops Cold War music player

ByTina R. Wimmer

Mar 1, 2021

The Judge Dredd bundle is in Black Ops Cold War, but it has a glaring oversight when it comes to the Lawgiver skin as it doesn’t provide full coverage for dual-use loadouts.

Novelty bundles are always welcome in big games: Fortnite, in particular, being the master of incorporating traditional names and stars into a crazy fictional world.

Call of Duty is no slouch in this area either, as it was able to offer its players the opportunity to become Rambo and John McClane. Not content with letting this skin be the only high-profile skin in recent memory, Call of Duty players can now become Judge Dredd.

Legend of the comics, the character can now be used to score voiceovers, but players are disappointed that dual-wielding weapons only have one of the pistols covered in the Lawgiver skin.

Two separate posts on Reddit drew attention to this Judge Dredd bundle bug, and they garnered nearly 1.5K upvotes between them.

The main post titled “This bothers me more than it should, the dual-use attachment does not apply the Lawgiver pattern to both guns,” shows the AMP63 in its dual-use form.

For some reason, the main gun (the one on the right) is equipped with the Legislator’s plane, unlike the one on the left.

In the second Reddit post, “Akimbo AMP63” Lawgiver “bug”, we see the exact same problem, a player with two AMP63s in their load, but only one has the Paid Blueprint displayed, and this applies to both the cold war and war zone.

“You have to buy it twice, obviously,” one user suggested jokingly, while someone else had an inventive idea: “Tbh, that would be pretty cool, imagine having the option to use 2 shots different for dual-wielding weapons at the same time.

“Obviously, not with different accessories but different cosmetics, ie dark matter in one hand and black ether in the other.”

Since this plan comes with a paid pack, it’s easy to see why some Cold War gamers would be frustrated with the lack of full weapon coverage. Given the public’s anger at this bug, Treyarch could very well be looking into this.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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