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How to change the default music player for Google Assistant

If you’re using Google Assistant to play music, you’ll need to make sure you’ve linked the correct accounts and set your default favorite.


You know, hopefully, that Google Assistant makes it easy to perform all kinds of tasks on your phone. And while it does a lot of things right away, Google Assistant gets even better when you connect it to various services.

One of the most important default services to configure is your music streaming provider. Let’s see how to connect and set the default music app for Google Assistant and why it matters.

Why should you set the default music player?

Without connecting your music streaming service to Google Assistant, you can’t take advantage of all of its features.

For example, if you subscribe to Spotify Premium but don’t connect it, you can’t enjoy ad-free music and access your playlists when you ask Assistant to play music. You will be blocked using a free YouTube Music account which is not great when you have other options.

In addition to connecting the services you use, setting a default is also important. Once you’ve set a default drive, you don’t have to tell Google Assistant which service to use each time. For example, if you say “Read the Pink Elephant album from Stand Atlantic”, the Assistant will tell you that it cannot find this album in your library.

You will have to add “on Spotify” at the end to specify this, which is getting old. Setting your default service prevents you from doing this every time.

How to change the default music player for Google Assistant

To find Google Assistant music settings and change your default values, open the Google app on your phone and press the button. Following tab at the bottom. There, select Settings.

On the resulting screen, press Google Assistant to open its settings, then scroll down and press the Music Entrance.

Here you will see the available services that Google Assistant can use for music. Under Your music services, you will see the apps currently on your phone. If some aren’t linked, tap them and follow the steps to allow Google Assistant to use your account.

Repeat these steps to link all the services you use, even if you don’t want to use them by default. You will find more choices under More music servicesbasically; tap it to link your accounts as well. Each lets you know if a free service is available or if you need a premium subscription to use it.

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When you’re happy, select the app you want to use as the default provider. Google Assistant will use it when you request music. Can’t decide? Check out our comparison of Spotify and YouTube Music.

If you want to play using something other than your default, add it to the end of the command. For example, even with Spotify as the default player, you can say “Play the start line on YouTube Music”.

Play the tunes with Google Assistant

While this is a small convenience, you’ll appreciate that you don’t have to specify your preferred music provider every time. As a bonus, this option also sets your default music player in Android Auto when using Google Assistant. This is especially important for reducing distractions on the road.

Music is just one small aspect of Google Assistant; he’s capable of a lot more than you probably think.

If you’re having trouble, here’s how to troubleshoot Google Assistant issues.


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