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Free Music – Free Unlimited MP3 Music Player and Playlist Manager by Mobile Music

ByTina R. Wimmer

Jan 4, 2016

*** No monthly fees! Absolutely unlimited free music! ***

music.mp3 is an amazing streaming music player that lets you enjoy your favorite music anywhere anytime !! Discover new music or listen to your choice anytime right on your device.
One more thing: there is also the radio!

Using the app, you can easily search and enjoy your favorite music from the collection of millions of available tracks.

The app comes with the following features

Integrated music search

Just search for the music you are looking for and play instantly from the results.

Preview the song in the online streaming player.

Music player

1) Song preview
2) Feature-rich music player.
3) Touch functions for controls such as skip tracks and rewind / fast forward.
4) Playlist repeat / shuffle / repeat functions.
5) Playing background music
6) Album art, lyrics viewer, artist / song / album info editor.
7) Drive user-friendly touch control mode.
8) Sound equalizer for better audio control.


1) Over 20,000 radio channels
2) Many different radio categories

Loading music from iPod

1) Ability to load iPod music into the app.
2) Play iPod and SoundCloud Music in the same playlists alongside.
3) Manage iPod songs and delete them whenever needed.

Song management

1) Create custom folders to manage music
2) Move the music to the folders of your choice.
3) Ability to create and manage unlimited playlists.
4) Adding music to playlists.
5) Manage music among playlists
6) iPod like playlists sorting music based on most played, most recently added music and so on.

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