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FiiO M11 Plus MP3 Music Player Now Just $699.99

ByTina R. Wimmer

Apr 17, 2022

FiiO M11 Plus LTD Portable Music Player, as announced, the successor to the FiiO M11 Pro is available. A successor that the Chinese specialist FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. as its crown jewel, as it offers big improvements over its predecessor in many ways.

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The body and buttons of the M11 Plus LTD blend seamlessly into an exquisitely beautiful, yet bold and aggressive design. This is the device that will immediately grab your attention. The bold aggressiveness of the rest of the device is contrasted by the graceful and refined diamond-cut texture on the back cover. Due to the refraction of light, looking at the back cover from different angles gives a different beautiful and delicious aesthetic. Forget the traditional volume wheel and use the volume button + touchpad. Not only does this volume panel take up less space (leaving more room for other components), it also offers unparalleled volume customization with precise button adjustments or by swiping on the touchpad.


The FiiO M11 Plus features an upgraded 5.5-inch HD display with even brighter colors and accurate color temperature. The 18:9 screen aspect ratio is the perfect combination of a superior viewing experience and a more comfortable grip.


Thanks to the custom Android 10 operating system paired with a powerful Snapdragon 660 octa-core processor, the player responds quickly to commands and delivers sublime performance. The music player is equipped with various Android streaming apps, dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. Easily stream music from your music server, TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, Deezer or via Airplay. You can store your own music on the go in the 64MB internal memory or use an SD card for it.


The amplification modules of the Fiio M11 Plus II are there to supply the balanced headphone outputs including one in 4.4 mm and another in 2.5 mm. They also feed the unbalanced 3.5 mm mini-jack output. This player can power different earphones and headsets visible on the market. It is also capable of using an external DAC or hi-fi amplifier. It will also offer two-way Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility and a new volume control button with slider and push functions that guarantee that it will allow better use of the Android interface from which we can access the streaming applications of music.

Hi-Res Audio wireless technology

The Fiio M11 Plus audiophile player takes advantage of the Bluetooth controller, making it easy to stream music from a pair of wireless headphones. This controller supports various Bluetooth codecs. This player is Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified. It is associated with optimal listening quality. With this two-way controller, you can stream your music without the need for wired support. As this device supports AirPlay protocol, it is easy to use for Apple product owners.


The Fiio M11 Plus consists of various elements placed on modular circuits. This structure allows it to minimize interference. As these components are powered by a 6000 mAh battery, the player has an autonomy of 11h30. Just use the USB port to charge.

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