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Far Cry New Dawn Music Player Locations – How To Bring The Beat Back To Hope County

There are a few collectibles in Far Cry New Dawn, but none will add as much to the vibe of the world as this one. Someone has lost 10 Far Cry New Dawn music players, which you can collect to earn a nice trophy or achievement (depending on your platform of choice), as well as add a new song to your Survivor Radio. Nothing breaks the silence of the post-apocalypse world like a good tune, eh? Fortunately, everyone will announce their presence nearby with a melody of their own, so you’ll know when there’s one nearby. Plus, of course, we’ve already found all of the Far Cry New Dawn music players and can walk you straight to each one. I would also advise you to have a level 2 wood by your side, as it will also be able to show you the approximate area where the music player is hiding. We all need help from time to time, don’t we?

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How to start the Audiophile questline in Far Cry New Dawn

All you need to do is find one of the music players to trigger the Audiophile mission, which tasks you with finding 10 Far Cry New Dawn music players. So we’ll start with the one closest to Prosperity and continue north on the map from there. Let’s start:

1. Far Cry New Dawn Music Player Location – Banbury Woods

You’ll find the first Far Cry New Dawn music player in Banbury Woods, just a little north of Prosperity. It’s on a shelf inside one of the buildings, and it’s especially easy to find if you’re playing the Bean Specialized Mission.

There is a small hut near where he is at the last section of the quest, which is hidden behind breakable planks that you need to smash.

The music player is on a shelf inside, next to a safe and some crafting materials.

2. Far Cry New Dawn music player location – Big Mike’s Dale

Big Mike’s Dale is no longer a slum these days, but it’s located on the south side of the map, along the shore stretching east of Prosperity. Where is it? To the east of the building itself, you’ll find a yellow trap door in the ground, almost hidden by trash bags.

Go down inside the hatch and you’ll see where Big Mike has really been hiding all this time.

The music player is on the desk just above and to your right inside the underground shelter.

3. Far Cry New Dawn music player location – Fillmore’s Hovel

To the far east of the map you’ll find a lovely spot known as Fillmore’s Hovel. Really portrays a picture of grandeur, right? Oh my God, this is really a dump, isn’t it… Anyway, there is somehow another safe door in the floor here, just east of the real home.

Turns out the slum is actually pretty well established, with a laundry room of sorts, as you’ll see when you make your way to the underground vault.

In addition, you will immediately see the music player on the edge of the bed.

4. Location of Far Cry New Dawn music player – Near Deadgas Crossing

Interestingly, this music player isn’t near any other landmark named on the map, but the closest place is Dead Gas Crossing. However, the actual player is along the road to the east, at the southernmost point of the small teardrop-shaped lake.

At this point in the lake, there is actually a short jetty with a cabin at the end.

To actually get inside, you’ll need to go around the water side of the hut and grab hold of the window.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the music player on the little library inside.

5. Far Cry New Dawn Music Player Location – Frobisher’s Memory

Just north of the last teardrop-shaped lake is another, much smaller teardrop-shaped lake, and at the southern tip is a place called Frobisher’s Memory. Now it’s actually a small cave system that looks like this from the outside:

Head inside until you reach the lighted area – watch out for the snake – until you see a small village, with a clothesline. Look to the left and you’ll see some of those telltale blue ropes suggesting there’s another level slightly higher.

Go up there and you will see that the woman’s son has made his own little den on the ledge.

The music player is on the small table between his long-abandoned things.

6. Far Cry New Dawn music player location – Surgey’s Place

You’ll need to head downstream from the broken railroad bridge with all the containers scattered around, which is along the river that cuts the map almost in half. Walk down the west bank along the small road / old railway line and you’ll find a place called Surgey’s Place. This is no longer a collection of railroad cars, but there is one that has lost planks protecting objects inside.

Destroy them and you’ll find more boxes and loot inside.

The music player just sits on a crate and waits for you to listen to it.

7. Far Cry New Dawn music player location – Shrine of the Breast

In the western foothills of the mountain to the east of the map is a place called the Shrine of Sein. It used to be someone’s house, but that was before the highwaymen got there. Go through the house and head to the garden beyond.

Just beyond the vegetable gardens is a barricaded hole that you can drill.

The music player is just lying on the rocks below. I don’t even want to think who it belonged to. Poor kid.

8. Far Cry New Dawn music player location – Rotgut Pass

Doesn’t this place just make you hungry? No? Neither do I. Rotgut Pass can be found in the east of the map, near where the terrain forms a U, which some of you may know is the prison – aka the bullet farm. Well at Rotgut Pass you’ll find a weapon table and a little house, half sunk into the dirt. Head to the back of the house and you’ll see a few fridges in the yard, but also an open window you can sneak through.

Inside, you’ll need to hook the locked door to access the room itself.

Inside are three toilets. You’ll need to break the planks protecting the middle one, but don’t even worry about which one is down. No one deserves this.

The music player is on a small shelf inside this middle cabin.

9. Far Cry New Dawn – Forgotten Barracks music player location

Head to the Forgotten Barracks, which can be found in the northeastern foothills of the mountain to the east of the map. It is not really a fortress, but rather a pretty house covered with flowers. Head to the door which is almost hidden by shrubs.

Right in front of you, you’ll see a half-broken box with a few components on top. Take the key to the barracks inside. You will need it to open the locked door on your left.

You will need it to open the locked door on your left. Inside this room, the music player is on the dresser, right in front of you.

But, you might also want to read the note on the bunk bed.

Turns out, this is where Ethan was born. The son of the Father. Pain in your butt. Was it the music he was listening to in the womb?

10. Far Cry New Dawn Music Player Location – Tombwater

The last music player is on the mainland just below where the bunker island is connected by a bridge. This place is called Tombwater, which seems appropriate, and basically consists of one building. Enter here, find the locked door at the back and pick the lock.

After that, head inside to collect your various loots.

The music player is balanced on the edge of the sink inside.

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