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    CloudBeats Cloud Music Player by Roman Burda

    ByTina R. Wimmer

    Nov 14, 2021

    CloudBeats is the best way to stream and organize music. With it, you can create your own music streaming service. It is designed for music lovers and is a first player without annoying ads.

    Upload your personal collection once to the cloud drive and access it from multiple devices without any syncing effort.

    Works offline. You can download files, playlists and entire folders with music, audiobooks and podcasts from the cloud to listen to them offline without wifi. If you run out of space, the downloaded files can be easily deleted from the device storage.

    Player. The app supports mp3, m4a, wav and lossless FLAC and ALAC formats. With the advanced buffering techniques used, the transition between tracks is smooth with minimal deviation.

    Playlist manager. Create multi-cloud playlists by combining tracks from multiple cloud accounts, add files and entire folders to playlists with one click, organize track order.

    To mix together. When you don’t know what to listen to, mix the whole music collection or part of it and take advantage of radio mode to discover hidden tracks.

    Music library. Synchronize your music library with connected cloud accounts. The sync manager will analyze the selected folders and add audio files to your music library. All songs are grouped by artist, album, genre.

    External devices. CloudBeats supports Bluetooth devices and headsets, connects to Airplay 2 speakers like Homepod and Sonos.

    ・ Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Box, Mediafire, pCloud
    ・ Import audio files stored on your device from Files app and iCloud Drive (no streaming)
    Western Digital My Cloud Home devices
    ・ Personal NAS supporting webDAV, including ownCloud, NextCloud and network servers (NAS) from Synology, QNAP, WD and others

    download albums, playlists, folders or files to the device to play them in offline mode without internet
    connect to shared folders in the cloud
    create multi-cloud playlists and sync them between multiple devices
    ・ Access library by artists, albums and genres
    last.fm scrobbling
    mix whole library or single folder with Radio mode
    CarPlay support
    ・ Pay once and use on multiple devices. The app syncs your playlists and My Library database across multiple devices **

    plays mp3, m4a, wav and FLAC & ALAC lossless
    reads audiobooks and podcasts. Please check CloudBeats for audiobooks for the best audiobook experience.
    repeat all, repeat one and mix
    background playback and lock screen controls
    album cover
    speed up or slow down reading
    sleep timer
    integrated lyrics display
    plays via Airplay and Bluetooth
    streams to Sonos via Airplay

    The full version of Cloudbeats removes all limitations and allows you to
    download albums, playlists, folders or files to the device to play them in offline mode without internet
    log in to Carplay

    * Please note that the app cannot play drm protected files purchased from iTunes Store.
    ** “Sync Multiple Devices” is an optional service that allows you to sync your playlists and My Library database between multiple devices.

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