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Best Music Player Software 5+ Windows 7

by Milan Stanojevic

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  • Is playing happy tunes at high volume your thing? So consider effective music players on your Windows 7 PC today.
  • No matter how many songs, you can organize thousands of files and listen freely whenever you need to get away.
  • There are several tools you can use to enjoy personalized music on Windows 7 operating system.
  • Therefore, press the Play button and turn your PC into the perfect musical space to recharge your battery.

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There is no doubt that music is one of the most common hobbies for almost everyone in the world today. Whether you’re working in the office or enjoying the free Wi-Fi at your local coffee shop, music is with you wherever you go.

That’s why you need to know the best Windows 7 music player to use while you work or just want to relax in a musical atmosphere.

You have exactly what you need to listen to your favorite tracks and replay classic or modern albums every time.

Even though there are alternatives such as streaming platforms to listen to countless songs, using one of these music players guarantees complete independence.

You can collect your favorite music in one place, without paying a monthly subscription, and play different files at any time.

We’ve made it easy for you, so check out our top picks for the best Windows 7 music player here.

What is the best free music player for Windows 7?

VLC player is one of the best commonly used Windows 7 audio player in the world not only for audio but also video formats.

This one comes with Windows by default, so if you’re happy with using it, you’re good to go. The software is a free and open-source media player which can be used to listen or watch various files.

It’s available for free, and you’re sure to get most of the features of a media player, including viewing, playback optimization, skin and themes, and support for most major sound formats.

You can also drag and drop your audio files to the player interface, and you can also stream and convert media files using VLC.

Moreover, you can play files on your PC from multiple sources such as virtual files, disks, network locations, webcams, etc.

You also don’t need to install any codec packs as this media player already includes them. Moreover, it is a lightweight solution that does not require advanced hardware specifications.

So, enjoy your most expressive songs without limits using this handy music player.

⇒ Get VLC

It is one of the most popular choices for the best Windows 7 audio player among music lovers, and that would extend to podcasts and other audio files.

With this music player, you can organize up to 500,000 audio files you have in your collection, and even import from other libraries and add tags while you’re at it.

It also comes with an Auto DJ feature that you can use to play audio files from different artists or genres depending on what you like to play.

Besides your music collection, you can also organize all your podcasts, radio stations and audiobooks with MusicBee.

It comes with a 5-band visualizer, plugins for further customization, EQ and crossfade features, and you can also change the theme colors to suit your tastes and preferences.

Enjoy 5.1 surround sound if you have external speakers, and if you want to go online and download more information about your tracks, you can also do that with MusicBee’s built-in ID3 tag editor.

This Windows 7 music player supports the most popular audio formats, including MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, and OGG, among others.

Other main features are smart playlists, DSP effects, playback optimization, adding artwork such as artist or band logo and live concert photos, and it gives you also helps to search for lyrics while each audio file is playing, especially music.

This player is available for free and you can synchronize your audio library with your smartphone, USB drives or other portable music players.

⇒ Get MusicBee

This is another popular Windows 7 audio player with amazing features. First, it’s open source and free, but a quick look might put you off – until you try it.

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With such a cool name, one can only expect cool features and that’s what this player offers.

It comes with a basic interface that is easy to use, but there is a lot you can do with it including customizing the look, playing any of the major audio formats such as MP3 and WMA, and editing tags, audio file management, playback optimization, extract and convert audios, and you can also erase duplicate tracks.

Since its introduction in 2002, Foobar hasn’t changed at all, so you’d expect a light and clean interface without the bloat common to other audio players, so it performs very well.

Get Foobar

This Windows 7 audio player has similar functionality as MusicBee with a few differences.

You can listen to your music, podcasts, and audiobooks, and also use the tag editor feature to organize your audio files.

This audio player has a mind of its own though, as it can identify tracks, sync and/or fix tags in your files, as well as find information for you. It also comes with Auto DJ function, and you can make your own music or audio recording with it.

It also comes with a visualizer and supports the most popular audio formats like MP3, AAC, and FLAC, among others. You can also rip audio CDs, convert and even download podcasts using this player.

It also lets you sync with your other devices and/or portable media players.

Get Media Monkey

When looking for the best Windows 7 music player, you’ll probably come across this one often because it has most of the features of other popular audio players, although it’s built differently.

What makes it different from other music players is its connection to Amazon and MusicBrainz, so it’s a big deal for users who have audio files in cloud storage.

It is a versatile music player that perfectly manages your audio library despite the collection you have.

It also performs direct searches and automatically adds audio files to your library once you connect to your cloud storage service.

With this player, you can seamlessly stream music from Spotify or SoundCloud, and it supports various popular audio formats – this includes converting audio files to these formats.

⇒ Get Clementine

This is a much older audio player than most of the ones listed above, as it was introduced in 1997. It’s one of those you just can’t wish for, but it works always with Windows 7 and other versions. I

It supports major audio formats like MP3, FLAC, and AAC among others, and you get different skins, plugins, and you can sync it with your other devices.

It’s available for free, and while it doesn’t do as much as the other music players listed above, it’s worth a try.

You can also organize your audio files library with this player, tag and create playlists from numerous videos using YouTube extension.

It also comes with internet radio support and smart playlist capabilities.

Get Winamp

That being said, cherish your personalized music without constraints on your PC using one of these classic music players.

Did you find your favorite Windows 7 music player among these? Or do you have one that you think should be on the list? Share with us in the comments section below.

Important note: Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows 7. If you’re considering upgrading to Windows 10, be sure to check out our extensive collection of guides on how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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