• Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

Best Music Downloader Apps for Windows PC in 2017 – Times Square Chronicles

Listening to music while working keeps the brain active and helps avoid stress. There are many websites that offer music downloads, but most of them are breeding grounds for viruses and malware, making it difficult to find a reliable source for music downloads. Some of us might be really tired of looking for a good free mp3 music downloader cost. In recent times, there have been a lot of music downloader apps released in the market with different features.

See below for Top 10 Music Downloader Apps That Work For Windows PC. Explore them and choose the best app that matches your needs.

  1. Free Music Downloader / Mp3: Developed by the Cresus laboratory, offers free and unlimited listening to millions of songs and also allows songs to be downloaded for free on a Windows PC. It provides a search box to find the song and options to play or preview and download. They also featured tracks from the Billboard / iTunes charts categorized into different categories of pop, hip-hop, electronic, and country music. Jazz, Dance, etc.
  2. Download music: This is the best free mp3 music downloader giving access to unlimited number of songs. It is developed by Purple Haze Laboratories and features user-friendly features displayed on one screen. Songs can be viewed in both list and grid form and have features for sorting songs, playlists and scoreboards.
  3. I groove Mp3: This is a unique application that works best on Windows PCs and phones. It is developed by Andrea Allesandroni and has an interesting feature for exploring song artists, as well as other general options. This app makes it easier and faster to find, listen to and download high quality songs on PC.
  4. i’m music: This is a music search app that searches the web for the song and provides reliable links to download the song. It takes up just 1.63MB of memory and works like other memory-hungry apps. It is published by Music_god lab and works great on Windows 8/10. This application does not host any music but searches for available files on the internet.
  5. Music Downloader X: It is a search engine application developed and published by VL.Apps. It provides access to unlimited number of songs for download by searching many music websites. It also has a function of displaying song lyrics. It takes up just 1.84MB – 5.93MB of memory and works great on Windows PCs and mobiles.
  6. Best Mp3-Mp4 Download: There are many songs available on YouTube and if you want to listen to the same music over and over, you have to visit YouTube and stream it each time. With the best Mp3-MP4 downloader app, it is easy to download the best quality music from YouTube video. Just find the song in the search box and when the video appears, click the download button to download the music in mp3 / mp4 formats.
  7. MP3 music and video tube: Developed and published by Bebe-apps, this app provides both music and video downloads with adjustable quality settings. This is the advanced version of music downloader apps available on computers, phones, and holographic windows. Although it takes up a large part of the memory, it provides high quality audio and video files in one place.
  8. Axo Free Music: This app provides free music in association with a large music database vk.com. It is developed and published by Ant3 studio and is an easy to use application without having to register or register. It has a built-in touch function with a simple structure and works on both Windows PCs and mobiles.
  9. Music Video MP3 Download: This app is developed by annmobile999 and can easily search, listen or view and download YouTube videos in audio and video formats. Although this app provides easy access to all videos on YouTube, it is not responsible for copyright infringement.
  10. Free unlimited music downloader: This Unlimited Free Music Downloader is a simple and easy to use application that provides the functionality to download music. It displays the length and size of the song before downloading, thus allowing the user to decide whether to download the file. It is developed by HS2T Labs and is a search engine application.

The above apps require Windows 10 / 8.1 operating system and x64, x86 architecture. All of these apps offer free music downloads and offer paid features through in-app purchases.