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Best AudFree Amazon Music Converter Preview for Amazon Music Users

Amazon Music provides users with four levels to explore the musical journey. It includes Amazon Music Free with the best playlists and stations and stations, Amazon Prime Music with 2 million songs, and Amazon Music Unlimited with no less than 70 million songs, and Amazon Music HD with HD, 3D and other songs. .

AudFree Amazon Music Converter is well designed for users with different Amazon Music subscriptions to download and convert Amazon music to format conversion to MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc. for offline listening anywhere. With the help of this tool, no need to have an app and an Amazon Music account, you can also enjoy Amazon Music offline well. Today, let’s review this tool and how it works.

Why do you need an Amazon AudFree music converter?

In accordance with Amazon’s standard music plans, current songs are often converted to MP3 format. Encoded with. But many people are still thinking of a solution to download and convert Amazon Music to MP3.

It is well known that digital copyright protection in Amazon MP3 files. Although users can download Amazon Music for offline playback, files downloaded from Amazon Music are limited and can only run in the Amazon Music app. That is why you cannot transfer the downloaded Amazon songs to other players and devices which cannot install the Amazon Music app.

Most importantly, Amazon’s downloadable tracks are time-limited. Once you are done subscribing to Amazon Music, you will no longer enjoy your favorite Amazon Music playlists.

It is precisely because of these restrictions that a growing number of people are adopting a tool to download music from Amazon and convert Amazon Music to popular files like MP3 so that they are available on no. any device at any time. There is no doubt that AudFree software is one of the professional and excellent tools to meet the needs of users. AudFree Amazon Music Converter could be the perfect assistant to enjoy Amazon Music better.

Main Features of AudFree Amazon Music Converter: Best Amazon Music Downloader

Download Amazon Music with a Free Amazon Music Account

With a free Amazon Music account, you can access the Amazon Music library with some songs online. There is no “Download” option to let you download Amazon Music to computers for offline playback. But AudFree Amazon Music Converter does. It is well designed for all kind of Amazon Music account while downloading music at 5 times faster speed including free account.

Download Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited Downloads

It does not require the installation of the Amazon Music app and can get Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited downloads directly from the built-in web player. No matter which Amazon account you are subscribed to, AudFree Amazon Music Converter allows you to download them losslessly on Mac and Windows computer.

Convert Amazon Music and Prime Music to MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc.

AudFree Amazon Music Converter focuses on converting and downloading music from Amazon to local MP3 files. With high compatibility, it supports Amazon Music to export to MP3 format also as LOSSLESS, M4A, M4B, AAC, FLAC and WAV files. In this case, you can listen to Amazon Music anywhere.

Download Amazon Music at 5X the Speed

As you work with it, you will be amazed at how quickly it can operate and how easily it works. Its 5x high speed conversion performance is greatly improved while its simple interface makes it accessible to anyone without technical expertise.

Keep 100% of original ID3 tags and customize output settings

With the built-in ID3 tag editor, this efficient tool is able to keep the original ID3 tags lossless, no matter what output format you choose to download Amazon Music. Besides, you even have the choice to regulate format parameters like sample rate, bit rate, etc. to customize Amazon’s music output standard according to your needs. It aims to bring a better listening experience.

Listen to Amazon Music offline on multiple devices / players

Amazon only allows users to play Amazon Music on authorized and selected devices through its own app. But with the help of this professional Amazon Music downloader, all Amazon Music files are local and common audio tracks. Hence, you can get rid of the app and Amazon Music account bondage. You can transfer and listen to Amazon Music offline on multiple devices and players at the same time.

How to Download Amazon Music to Computer Using AudFree Amazon Music Converter

Technical specifications and system requirements

Supported Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 or Mac OSX 10.8 to macOS 11 Big Sur

Processor: Pentium IV or higher

RAM: 512MB or more RAM for Windows PC and 256MB or more RAM for Mac

To watch: Monitor with a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels or higher for both operating systems.

You need to download and install AudFree Amazon Music Converter for Mac or Windows on your computer. Once launched, Audfree will present you with the Amazon Music web player, then you will need to use the “Login” choice to log into your Amazon account.

Next, hover your mouse over the “Menu” icon at the top right of the main Audfree screen. In its drop-down list, select “Preferences” then the “Advanced” panel to align the output parameters. Please select “MP3” as the Amazon Music export format and choose the channel, sample rate, according to your needs. Improve bit rate and more.

After formatting is complete, please search for the desired playlist or album in the Amazon music library. Find it, open it and click the “+” icon to load Amazon Music to this professional Amazon Music converter. If you don’t want to edit whole playlist or album, you uncheck unwanted tracks from convert list.

Finally, just click the “Convert” button for Audfree Amazon Music Converter to download Amazon Music to local files on your computer. It also allows you to go back to the music library to come up with more playlists to convert. I twiddle my thumbs and wait for the conversion to finish.

Then go to the “Converted” window and use the search icon to directly search for the converted Amazon Music tracks. Then you will have free access to focus on Amazon Music offline.

Final words

Based on our test of this software, it does exactly what it claims. Running on your Mac and Windows computers is clean and secure. Are you interested in this Amazon music converter? Just provide an attempt for you to find generic Amazon music tracks offline for better listening.

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