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All Media Stick locations for the new GTA Online music player

ByTina R. Wimmer

Jul 20, 2021

A brand new collectible has appeared in GTA Online as part of the Los Santos Tuners DLC. They’re called media sticks, and they’ll give you access to some nice rewards.

GTA Online is full of collectibles for dedicated gamers to seek out across Los Santos, such as playing cards, peyote plants, and of course action figures, of which there are an incredible 100 to find on the site. map.

Now there is something entirely new to collect: Media Sticks. Luckily (or unfortunately, if you’re into hunting) there aren’t that many, so collecting them shouldn’t take you too long if you know where to look.

To help you complete this Los Santos Tuners mini-challenge in no time, we’ve put together a guide to finding every Media Stick on the Los Santos map, along with the rewards you’ll get for it.

GTA Online Media Sticks Locations

rock star games

One of the Media Sticks is on the roof terrace of the Casino.

Here are the locations of the four Media Sticks that can be found in GTA Online:

  • On Tony’s desk in the Nightclub Desk.
  • In the Arcade at the bar, in front of the cash register.
  • On a table on the roof terrace of the Casino.
  • On a table next to the mod shop area at Car meeting warehouse.

The first Media Stick can be found by visiting the nightclub and looking for Tony’s Desk in the office. The second is on the Arcade bar. If you don’t have an arcade yourself, you can just go to another player’s arcade.

To find the third Media Stick, you will need to go to the Casino and go up to the roof terrace. It’s on a table. The fourth and final Media Stick can be found in the new Car Meet Warehouse, on a table near the Personalization area.

Collecting each Media Stick in GTA Online will unlock a new EP which you can listen to in the Media Player in your car. These are the Violet EP, Green EP, Blue EP and Black EP.

GTA Online Media Sticks Rewards

Screenshot of LS Car Meet in GTA Online
rock star games

The Car Meet Warehouse is the hub of the Los Santos Tuners update.

Here are the rewards you will get for collecting all four Media Sticks in GTA Online:

  • Four EP.
  • A special bonus mix.
  • CircoLoco T-shirt.

As you can see, it’s not just new music for your media player that you will get as a reward. You can also win a bonus mix and a t-shirt from CircoLoco Records – Rockstar’s label – if you manage to collect the four Media Sticks hidden in Los Santos.

The CircoLoco t-shirt will appear in your wardrobe under Tops and Labels. It’s nothing fancy, just a gray t-shirt with a pink logo on it, but it’s another free item to add to your collection – and will show your finalist status.

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