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10 best Android music player apps for 2019

In this guide, we have put together a list of the best music player apps for Android. Apps that will provide a better listening experience while you play certain songs. Whether you use Google Play Music, Spotify, or have an SD card full of music, these are the apps and services worth using.

Most Android phones already have one or two music player apps, but there are dozens of alternatives on Google Play. Better alternatives with more options or features whether you are a casual listener or an audiophile.

Now that almost all major carriers offer unlimited data, smartphone owners can listen to as much music as they want. These apps will help you do just that. You are not stuck with iTunes or Google Music. Try something better in our slideshow below.

Most people stick with the app preinstalled on their phone, like Samsung’s Music app. You shouldn’t though. And in fact, we recommend everyone to try something different. Google Play Music offers iTunes transfers and cloud streaming. VLC is very robust and widely used for audio and video. Plus, PowerAmp is the go-to music player for millions of users and packed with features.

You can even download Apple Music for Android if you’ve switched from iPhone and have a Galaxy Note 9. We know subscription music services are getting popular, but some still want to listen to their own library and record collection. If so, use one of these apps.

Best Music Player Apps For Android

  • Power amplifier
  • VLC
  • doubleTwist
  • Google Play Music
  • Free BlackPlayer
  • Music player equalizer and amplifier
  • Shuttle bus
  • MusixMatch
  • GoneMAD Music Player
  • Amazon Music and others

Our list above just gives you a quick rundown of some of the Android music player apps that we recommend. For more information on each of them, and a link to download one is available in the slideshow below.

Whether you’re looking for local playback, streaming support, equalizer controls, iTunes transfers, FLAC audio, or more, we’ve got you covered. Basically, if you are looking for a better music experience on Android, these are the best music player apps for 2019. Perfect for your average listener or audiophile. Turn it to 11 and enjoy it.

Power amplifier

Power amplifier

The first one has to be PowerAmp, which is what I’ve been using as my default music player on Android for years. PowerAmp is a fan favorite for a wide variety of reasons, including all of the features available to us. We could talk about all the features this has for hours. We will also mention a few below. All you need to know is that you can try it for free for 15 days with the trial, and it will convince you. If you like it, spend the $ 3.99 for the full version.

PowerAmp has a unique but similar interface, and enough functionality for everyone to find exactly what they want. A large “now playing” image with artwork on your home screen or lock screen, widgets, theme and skin packs to change the look, ID tagging options and Moreover. It’s not just visual, this app is packed with features.

Poweramp has a 10-band graphic equalizer with lots of presets and customization. There’s crossfading, seamless audio, lyric and plugin support, missing album artwork downloads, and even animated artwork. Not to mention scrobbling, library scan, customizable lock screen, replay gain, m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl support and more. Or playlists from files and folders right on your device. Everything can be completely personalized.

Poweramp is basically a music player app that rules them all. The 4 widgets give us tons of controls on our home screen, and if you don’t like the overall look, try one of the themes and skins available for download or on the Google Play Store. It plays almost anything and everything, looks good, can be fine-tuned to the max, and only costs $ 3.99 at the end of the day. Until the new WinAmp arrives sometime in 2019, this is my go-to app.

Download PowerAmp

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