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The best free music downloader apps for iPhone 2021

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Check out the best free music downloader apps for iPhone

It is well known that Android and iOS are very different operating systems. Open source Android has always had a ton of apps available outside of the Play Store, with new ones being released every day. The iPhone operating system, on the other hand, doesn’t offer as much freedom.

Musicians are where it really becomes obvious. While the Play Store offers apps where even illegal music is possible, most, if not all, of the free music players in Apple’s App Store have been removed.

This is good for big business, but bad for the end user, because almost all of the best iPhone apps that can get music from the internet have subscription fees. Fortunately, they usually have a free trial period or a free version, and are completely safe and legal. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these.

Google Play Music

If you’ve recently switched from Android to iOS, you might be relieved to know that you can use Google Play Music on your iPhone. It has some features that are available in the free version, as well as those that require a subscription.

The free features are somewhat basic as they only allow you to stream music and provide you with music recommendations. If you are in the US or Canada, you also get free radio with lots of playlists. If you subscribe, besides listening offline, you get ad-free experience in this app and YouTube Music Premium.


Spotify, the top rated app at the time of this writing, lets you stream millions of songs for free in shuffle mode. It is also available on other Apple devices.

If you decide to subscribe, you can listen to your music offline, ad-free. The quality of the music improves and you can play the music on any of your devices.


Tidal was created as a streaming service with high quality, lossless music formats in mind. This is why the monthly subscriptions are quite expensive, but there are discounts available for veterans of the United States Army. In addition to high quality music, there are other reasons to subscribe.

Most importantly, you can save songs offline and delete them with just one click to save storage space. Tidal offers many playlists created by famous artists because the company works closely with them. Plus, thanks to it, you can access exclusive content before most people do.


Another popular music streaming app is Pandora. Available only to residents of the United States, its main specialty is personalized music. The system searches for songs similar to the one you are listening to and uses your comments to adjust other suggestions. This is why Pandora is called an Internet radio service.

It has a free version, but its capabilities are few and there are advertisements. It has two main subscription plans. The cheapest plan offers an ad-free experience, unlimited reruns, and better sound, while the more expensive lets you listen to music.

Sound cloud

Of all the apps, SoundCloud may have the most free features. You don’t even have to pay to get song suggestions and check out the app’s best playlists. You also have the option to create your own playlists and connect with other users.

There’s even a 30-day trial period where Go +, the best subscription, is free. SoundCloud Go removes all ads and allows offline listening. Go + further expands the catalog, removing song previews and making all music fully accessible.

Amazon Music

Do you have an Amazon Prime subscription? If so, Amazon’s music streaming app might be the one for you, because you can get it for free! What makes it unique is the access to Prime and other services. It lets you use it hands-free, because Alexa is there too. There is no advertising in the basic version, which also allows you to listen to music. Finally, there is no jump limit.

Before paying for a Prime membership, there is a 30-day trial for Amazon Music Unlimited. This is the most advanced version of the app which allows you to stream new versions and comes with more songs available.

Make commitments

Since Apple doesn’t allow music, the only way to play music is always to use streaming services. The upside here is that this is all completely legal, but again, you can’t have the music you want for free on an iPhone which is disappointing.

SoundCloud offers most of the features for free among these. If you do decide to subscribe to a streaming service, take a look at the unique strengths of each and determine which one is best for you.

Did this article help you understand the situation with “free” music on iPhone? Do you use any of these services? Share your experience with us below!

Final words: The best free music downloader apps for iPhone

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Best Tool to Download Spotify to MP3 – Daily Movie

In the music business, it’s “unethical” to talk about online music platforms without mentioning Spotify. It is an online music distribution platform that prides itself on being the # 1 music streaming site across the world. Hosting over 70 million diverse tracks, Spotify has attracted an endless fan base. Both premium and free Spotify users can enjoy music on Spotify.

Still, Spotify tracks are in OGG format, which is incompatible with most playback apps and media devices. Additionally, Spotify does not allow users to directly download tracks. So, how to download Spotify songs to MP3 for offline playback?

Apparently the Internet provides hundreds of Spotify to MP3 conversion software options. This article will change focus and provide you with a full review of one of the best converting software – AudFun Spotify Music Converter. So, let’s quickly get acquainted with the best Spotify to MP3 converter on the market today!

Part 1. Introducing AudFun Spotify Music Converter

Honestly, there are many Spotify to MP3 converter software on the internet. But, most of them don’t work as well as they claim. Thanks to our team of testers, we now have great software with unmatched capabilities – AudFun Spotify Music Converter.

Compared with other software, AudFun Spotify Music Converter is a powerful all-in-one Spotify converter that can download and convert Spotify to MP3. In this way, anyone can enjoy the music on any device except the Spotify app.

Premium and free Spotify fans can download Spotify playlist to MP3 without limitation. Thanks to its developer, AudFun has an intuitive and easy to use user interface that can quickly download and convert Spotify to MP3.

With it, you convert Spotify tracks without compromising the sound quality of your tracks – AudFun guarantees you high quality audio conversions. Besides MP3, the app has other audio output formats including FLAC and more. Below is a brief overview of the AudFun software.

Main characteristics

    1. Losslessly extract tracks, playlists and albums from Spotify
    2. Converts Spotify to MP3, WAV, AAC, M4B and FLAC
    3. Records ID3 tags for all Spotify downloads
    4. Converts Spotify at up to 5X speed
    5. Supports multiple devices and readers

Part 2. How to Download Spotify to MP3 Using AudFun Spotify Music Converter

To start downloading music from Spotify to MP3, you need to download and install AudFun Spotify Music Converter. Please download the software from the official website AudFun website. In addition, the application is available for Mac and Windows PC. After downloading, follow the guide below to download Spotify to MP3.

Step 1: Register and activate AudFun Spotify Music Converter

Launch the AudFun app on your PC. Then tap the menu bar on the main interface. A new registration window will appear. Tap the “Register” option and enter your email and licensed code to activate the software.

To note: The AudFun app has a free version. However, it is limited and can only download 1 minute of each track. Hence, you need to purchase the app for full download and conversion services.

Step 2: Download Spotify Songs for Conversion

Go to the Spotify app and find the tracks you want to download. Once found, click on it, select “Share” and press “Copy Spotify Link” to copy the URL of the song.

Head to the AudFun interface and paste the link into the address bar at the top. Then click on “+” to load the music. Or, you can drag and drop music from Spotify app to AudFun interface.

Step 3: Customize output audio formats to convert Spotify to MP3

Access the AudFun menu bar again and select “Preferences”. Then press the “Convert” option and an audio settings window will appear. Here you can set the Spotify tracks to your favorite audio format like FLAC, WAV, M4A, M4B, AAC and MP3.

You can also improve the quality of your sound by changing a few music specifications such as bit rate and much more.

Step 4: Convert and Download Spotify to MP3

Confirm the custom audio setting by pressing the “OK” tab. Now, it’s time to download and convert Spotify to MP3! Click the “Convert” button to begin.

After the process is completed, all downloaded Spotify MP3 files will be saved to your PC. You can now transfer them to any device for offline reading.

Part 3. System Requirements for AudFun Spotify Music Converter

AudFun Spotify to MP3 Converter is available for Mac and Windows computers. In this case, here are the system and hardware requirements for both instances.

System and hardware requirements for Windows PC

  1. Operating System (OS): Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)

  2. RAM: At least 512MB or more

  3. Display / Monitor: 1024 × 768 pixels or more

  4. Processor: 1G Hz processor or higher

System and hardware requirements for Mac

  1. Operating System (OS): Mac OS X 10.8 to 10.12 Sierra, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, Mac OS 10.15 Catalina and 11 Big Sur.

  2. RAM: 256 MB or more

  3. Display / Monitor: 1024 × 768 pixels or more

  4. Processor: 1G Hz processor or higher

Part 4. Pros and Cons of AudFun Spotify Music Converter

Finally, this review provides you with the pros and cons of AudFun Spotify to MP3 Converter.


  1. Works with free and premium Spotify accounts
  2. Converts Spotify to MP3 and five other audio formats
  3. Guarantees 100% lossless music quality
  4. Keeps ID3 tags and other meta information
  5. Fast download and conversion process
  6. Easy to use user interface
  7. Lifetime update and support
  8. High compatibility, support multiple devices and readers

The inconvenients

  1. No Linux version

Last word

AudFun Spotify Music Converter is a great tool that helps Spotify fans to download Spotify to MP3 for offline playback. It works quickly without compromising the sound quality for all downloaded music files. Now download and buy the app and enjoy unlimited Spotify download for yourself!

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Music player

Kanye West wants to sell you a $ 200 music player for his songs

Kanye West – The true American provocateur is doing everything to promote his upcoming music album called “Donda”.

Yeezy Tech, the tech arm of the West Empire launches new gadget!

Called “Stem Player”, the Yeezy Tech device was created in collaboration with Kano, a London-based start-up famous for creating STEM products..

Kanye West’s speaker is designed to isolate the rods of the music, that is, specific elements like vocals, bass, samples, and drums.

According to West’s website, the speaker can add special effects to music and also remix all songs..

Kanye west

Meet the Yeezy Tech Stem Player

The speaker will be responsible for West’s upcoming studio album, “Donda”, named after his late mother Donda West.

West’s website also adds that while the device is a special feature marking the release of his new album, it will be able to play any music.

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The $ 200 speaker was first revealed in development in 2019, when their latest studio album “Jesus Is King” was released.

Kanye west
Kanye west

At this point, he announced that the device would be created in conjunction with design company Teenage Engineering. At this point, West told Zane Lowe that his goal was to “spread the gospel” through this Stem Player.

Kano typically creates educational props to help kids learn skills like programming. The company had been struggling for some time and the Stem Player may well be its resurgence.

Watch the speaker in action below:

The speaker will come with a headphone jack and will support Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, it will contain a USB-C port, buttons for volume control, a haptic engine and 8 GB of storage! The light bars on the front are called “touch sensitive light sliders,” which can help control and customize songs.

The Stem Player is capable of playing music in a range of formats including .AIFF, .AIF, .FLAC, .M4A, .MP3, .WAV, .WAVE, .AAC, .ALAC, and .MP4.

From the west to you

According to images shared by Yeezy Tech, the Stem Player will feature a silicone exterior with a minimal “Yeezy Tech x Kano” mark on the back.

Kanye west
Kanye west

Recently, Kanye West took another step into the absurd world and announced that he would officially change his name to “Ye”.

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In court documents filed in Los Angeles, US, West cited “personal reasons” to justify his decision to change his name. Three years ago, West released the album titled Ye and tweeted his intention to initiate the name change process.

“Being officially known as Kanye West. I’m YE,” he wrote in September 2018.

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Music converter

Leawo Music Festival Promotion – Everyone Gets iTunes Music Converter for Free and Up to 50% Off Promotions

To celebrate the upcoming music festivals in August, Leawo has launched the Music Festivals promotion where the discounts range from 30% to 50% and iTunes Music Converter is distributed for free in large quantities.

(Spin Digit Editorial): – Shenzhen, Guangdong, August 20, 2021 ( – Originally slated for last year, a large number of music festivals have been delayed until August 2021 due to COVID-19. It appears that the pandemic is not improving and continues to put pressure on public safety, so people are still being urged not to congregate. So here is the good news that Leawo officially launched the Promotion Music Festival 2021 for music fan all over the world to get immersive musical enjoyment at home. In this promotion, people could get free iTunes Music Converter as a gift and buy several software solutions with fantastic discounts such as All-in-One Bundle with 50% discount. Other than that, the software tools discounts vary from 30-50% for all products. This activity will last 31 days and is valid before August 31, 2021. Details regarding this promotion are as follows.

Get iTunes Music Converter Largess to Enjoy iTunes Music Unrestricted

Compared with other converters in the market, with the most advanced DRM decryption technology, Leawo iTunes Music Converter can convert iTunes M4P encrypted by DRM and non-DRM. ITunes M4A Music to MP3 at a higher speed with the original quality retained. It is amazing that this powerful tool is now offered for free. People can get a one year license for this program without any effort. With iTunes Music Converter, play Apple Music on Bose Soundtouch is child’s play.

Moreover, people can get an upgrade offer for Prof DRM Media Pack at 50% off, where iTunes Music / Video / Audio Converter and Amazon Audiobook Converter are included. Moreover, it can also download Spotify music to local files and people who want to enjoy Spotify music on other devices are free from annoying DRM protection. This great software tool is designed to bypass DRM restriction so that people can enjoy multimedia entertainment freely and without obstacles.

50% discount on Leawo Better Packages

A 50% discount for Prof. DRM on its best packages is offered to customers and they can even save over $ 200 on these packages.

Leawo All-in-One Bundle is a 16-in-1 package, including Prof. Media 11, iTransfer and Leawo DRM Pack Prof.. It is designed to help people download and convert videos, rip and copy 4K Blu-ray / Blu-ray / DVD, burn Blu-ray / DVD, transfer iOS data, turn photos to video / DVD / Blu-ray, convert iTunes DRM video / music / audiobooks and download Spotify songs to DRM-free files. People can now get it for $ 204.93 for life.

30% off coupon on the whole site for everyone

The singles of the Leawo Prof. DRM get 30% discount if customers fill out the coupon code on the purchase page. This coupon is free for everyone with no quantitative limitations.

More details on the website:

About Leawo software:

As a member of the Shenzhen Software Industry Association (SSIA), Leawo Software is a professional multimedia software developer focusing on streaming media and utility software based in Shenzhen, China, and was founded in 2007. During Over the past decade, Leawo has invested the time in developing a wide range of software including video series, Blu-ray series, utility tools and DVD series.

Source: Leawo Software Co., Ltd.

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Astell & Kern announces A & Ultima SP2000T, a music player with 4 DACs to get the most out of your headphones – The Manomet Current

Astell & Kern is a manufacturer that continues to focus heavily on high-end portable media players focused on users who are looking for a device with which to achieve the highest quality and fidelity when playing their files beyond the classic smartphone. or low-end MP3 player. . . . .

Today, they announce the arrival for the re-entry of the A & Ultima SP2000T, their new creation which complements devices like the previous SE200 but now with a new design in analog-to-digital converters, including 4 DAC ESS ES9068AS.

Capable of playing sound files in the most popular formats, the SP2000T promises to decode MQA tracks up to 8X, being able to work with PCM files up to 32bit / 384kHz, SPDIF to 96Khz and DSD1024.

The 4 DACs should be able to provide a more balanced and detailed sound while still allowing the sound signal to be output through the 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm jack ports, each with its own on-board amplifiers. specific, including a tube amplification mode, another with conventional operating technology and a hybrid combination, which can select these configurations in each of the headphone outputs.

This model will also have the Replay Gain function which automatically adjusts the playback volume of the different tracks so that there are no sudden differences, it will have dual-band WiFi in 2.4 and 5 GHz, it will have Bluetooth LDAC and aptX-HD and it will come with a Full HD touchscreen.

Pricing and availability

The A & Ultima SP2000T reader will go on sale in October 2021 for a price to be determined.

More information | Astell & Kern

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Music converter

DBpoweramp 17.4 music converter – Neowin

Advanced audio conversion, effortlessly convert between formats. dBpoweramp contains a host of audio tools in one: CD Ripper, Music Converter, Batch Converter, ID Tag Editor, and Windows audio shell enhancements. Preloaded with essential codecs (mp3, wave, FLAC, m4a, Apple Lossless, AIFF), additional codecs can be installed from [Codec Central], as well as utility codecs that perform actions on audio files. After 21 days the trial will end and revert to the dBpoweramp Free Edition (learn the difference between Reference and dBpoweramp Free, here). dBpoweramp is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 32 and 64 bits.

Features of dBpoweramp Music Converter:

  • Convert audio files with elegant simplicity. mp3, mp4, m4a (iTunes / iPod), Windows Media Audio (WMA), Ogg Vorbis, AAC, Monkeys Audio, FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC) to name a few!
  • Multi-processor encoding support
  • Rip digitally records audio CDs (with CD Ripper)
  • Batch convert large number of files in 1 click
  • Contextual information advice on Windows integration, audio properties, columns, modification of ID-Tags
  • DSP effects such as volume normalization or graphic equalizer [Power Pack Option]
  • Command line encoding: invoke encoder from command line
  • DSP effects – process audio with volume normalization, or sample to bitrate conversion, with over 30 effects dBpoweramp is a complete mp3 converter
  • dBpoweramp integrates into Windows Explorer, an mp3 converter as easy as right clicking on the source file >> Convert to. Contextual information tips, edition ID labels are all provided.

DBpoweramp CD extractor

Changes of dBpoweramp Music Converter 17.4:

  • Dropping files or folders on the control center opens the converter / batch converter
  • ANSI characters only in filename – more comprehensive list of preserves when converting accented characters to ansi (cross-platform)
  • CoreConverter: fixed incorrect dbpoweramp version timestamp on encoder fields when encoding to audio info etc.
  • CD Ripper & ID Tag Editor: scan album cover – option to choose scanner
  • CD Ripper & ID Tag Editor: hides while scanning album art as often as the scanner window would show behind the window
  • CD Ripper – metadata saved to the cache when you click rip
  • CD Ripper: Manual metadata page does not show artist on track list if it matches album artist
  • CD Ripper: discogs, able to read disc entries that have no tracks (like classic motion versions)
  • CD Ripper: using as a replacement for freedb, submissions are enabled again
  • CD Ripper: Track type deleted as a metadata provider
  • M4a tags: the lyricist no longer writes @aud because nothing uses it
  • m4a fdk new version 2.0.2
  • FLAC added the writing of the lookup table
  • Bug fix: filename could change filename characters such as ¿to 1/2
  • Bug Fix: DSD Bug 512 – Unable to decode at 96KHz
  • Fixed bug: CD Ripper: Any encoder or effect that relies on uninterrupted detail or indexes could previously not work properly.
  • Bug fix: CD Ripper: fixed column widths were not remembered correctly (column adjustments were canceled during meta search, etc.)
  • Bug fix: some formats when editing ID tags, replacing album art would not replace, but would leave the old album art
  • Fixed bug: CD Ripper gap removal DSP effect works
  • Bug fix: Batch Converter erases existing file selections when creating new profiles.
  • Fixed a bug: would not rip directly to Opus

To download: DBpoweramp 17.4 music converter | 60.3 MB (Shareware)
Seen: DBpowerAMP music converter website

TwitterBe alerted of all our software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware

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Music player

Best MP3 player 2021: choose the right portable music player to take your music with you

Believe it or not, the MP3 player is not dead. Well, it actually depends on what you think of when you think of an MP3 player. Of course, the classic iPods of yesteryear might be out of sight, because our smartphones can do all they can and more. But, there is still room for a device dedicated to audio, whether it is for much higher audio quality or simply to have a compact and affordable device that does not burden itself with all the additional functions of a device. telephone.

You can find MP3 players (although playing lossy MP3 files might be the least they can do) with powerful DACs and amplifiers, giving you the high-end sound and power you need if you use high-end headphones. headphones or earphones. You’ll also find substantial support for a wide variety of audio formats, various connectivity options, and more storage flexibility in many of these devices. So if you are looking for a portable home for your music library, you will find it here.

TL; DR – Here are the best MP3 players:

1. Apple iPod Touch

Best MP3 player

Apple’s iPod Touch leads the way in the MP3 player market for all the versatility it offers at such a low price. It might not offer the most high-end DACs or heaps of storage, but if you just want to load up a library of MP3s (and we’re talking real MP3s), the iPod Touch is more than ready for you. facilitate the task.

The iPod Touch has a sleek, slim form factor paired with a reliable touchscreen and a familiar operating system. If you’re coming from an iPhone (or even an Android phone, honestly), the learning curve for getting up and running with the iPod Touch will be minimal. And you’ll get plenty of battery life. You can plug headphones directly into iPod Touch or enjoy wireless playback with Bluetooth. If you want to listen to Spotify or pretty much any other streaming app, you will be able to do so over Wi-Fi. And, if you are done listening to music, you can use the iPod Touch for pretty much almost everything an iPhone can do other than connect to cellular networks.

2. Sony NW-A55

Best cheap MP3 player

Sony NW-A55

When it comes to audio, however, the Sony NW-A55 goes way beyond an iPod Touch. You can plug a pair of wired headphones into the unit and enjoy your favorite lossless audio files ripped by an S-Master HX amplifier, or you can even use DSEE HX to scale compressed audio files. You’re also not limited to wired headphones.

The Sony NW-A55 includes NFC for easy pairing with Bluetooth headphones, and it offers aptX HD and LDAC codec support to let you enjoy excellent audio quality via Bluetooth. And, when you’re at home and don’t need a portable music player, you can plug the NW-A55 into your computer and use it as a USB DAC.

3. Astell and Kern Kann

Best MP3 Player Under $ 1000

Astell & Kern Kann

The Astell & Kern Kann Music Player is not for the casual music listener. Its price tag almost guarantees it, but it manages to stay below $ 1,000 (especially with a current reinstatement from Astell & Kern which sees the price drop to $ 600). You get a solid device with physical buttons for playback control and a volume wheel built into the side of the device to match the design. 64GB of on-board storage will get you started, but if you have a large collection of high-resolution audio, you’ll probably want to use the SD and microSD card slots.

This music player has a wide range of supported file formats, from classics like WAV and MP3 to FLAC, OGG, etc. Inside it contains a 32-bit AKM AK4490 DAC and its own amplifier with up to 7 Vrms output to support high impedance headphones or low impedance speakers. You will also have plenty of options for using it, as you can plug it into an unbalanced 3.5mm jack or balanced 2.5mm audio jack powered by the internal amplifier or connect to balanced line level outputs. or asymmetric. There’s even Bluetooth for wireless audio with aptX codec support to boot. As an added benefit, the Kann can also take audio input via USB, letting it serve as an external DAC for your computer.

4. Astell & Kern AK Jr

Best MP3 Player Under $ 500

Astell & Kern AK Jr

The market for high-end MP3 players is almost unbelievably expensive, but when you consider what kind of quality amps and audio converters they need to put into a portable device, it starts to make a little more sense. That said, you can still pick up a premium one for under $ 500 with the Astell & Kern AK Jr.

This small music player is thinner and lighter than the Astell & Kern Kann, making it more user-friendly for regular listening on the go. You can opt for casual listening with this player, as it supports MP3 and Bluetooth, and it even has 64GB of internal storage to keep a small music library. But you can also opt for a hi-fi library. There is room for a microSD card to store extra large files from lossless audio formats like FLAC and WAV. You even get support for high-resolution DSD audio. And, if you want to use Astell & Kern AK Jr’s DAC and amp for your computer, you can plug it in and send the audio to your headphones or speakers through it.

5. Astell & Kern A & futura SE200

Best MP3 player when price is not an object

Astell & Kern A & futura SE200

If you’re all about high fidelity audio, you shouldn’t hesitate to use the Astell & Kern A & future SE200. This premium audio player is an upgrade from its already impressive predecessor, the SE100, and it brings some notable improvements. It still has a convenient five-inch touchscreen to help you navigate your music library while offering a simple volume wheel and side buttons for easy playback control.

Inside the chic aluminum and ceramic chassis, Astell & Kern packed a single AK4499EQ DAC from AKM and two ES9068AS DACs from ESS, making the SE200 the world’s first multi-DAC digital audio player. Astell & Kern have also opted for several amp designs to make the audio characteristics of the different DACs shine. All of these features will allow you to take your favorite lossless audio files (with 256GB of built-in storage) and play them through your favorite headphones on the go, whether balanced, unbalanced, or even wireless bluetooth headphones with plug. support aptX HD.

6. SanDisk Clip Jam

Best Impulse Buy MP3 Player

SanDisk Clip Jam

As long as you set your expectations appropriately, you might be surprised at what you can get for $ 30. The SanDisk Clip Jam can be a good portable player for a kid or for those situations where you don’t want to carry an expensive portable device. You don’t get wireless connectivity and don’t support apps or streaming. But you can add a microSD card to increase the 8 GB of on-board memory to a total of 40 GB.

It comes in a handful of bright colors, and as the name suggests, it has a built-in clip that you can use to attach it to your clothes. Since it also plays MP3, WMA, AASC, OGG, WAV and FLAC tracks, this might be all you need.

What to look for in a portable music player

We tend to refer to portable music players as “MP3 players,” a tacit acknowledgment of the overwhelming popularity of this lossy and highly compromised audio format. But the most important consideration when buying a player is to make sure that it supports the format in which your music is stored. This can include Apple iTunes tracks in AAC format or high quality “audiophile” tracks in FLAC, OGG or lossless format. DSD files. Also keep an eye on the storage capacity: a modestly sized music collection containing high bitrate music can easily reach hundreds of gigabytes.

Most audiophiles already know the value of a high quality digital to analog converter (DAC). An MP3 player with a high quality DAC can easily sound better than your PC’s built-in sound card. And while the benefits of putting a pair of DACs in an MP3 player are questionable, driving the left and right stereo channels with discrete amplifiers can certainly ensure accurate sound reproduction.

Should you be worried about getting an MP3 with a balanced audio port? It depends on the quality of your headphones and your hearing. A balanced port can reduce line hum and increase the signal to noise ratio, allowing you to hear more of your music. But you need to be able to swap out a standard 3.5mm headphone cable for a balanced 2.5mm cable – and your headphones should ideally be designed for balanced connections, otherwise there’s no point.

And if you want to connect your player wirelessly, look for Bluetooth support – ideally, with aptX wireless codec support for better sound quality. If not, buy your audio player by asking the same questions you would for any portable device – do you like the interface, for example, how long does the battery last, and do you want it to do something other than play music, such as running apps or playing games.

Dave Johnson has been writing about games and technology since the days of the Palm Pilot. See him scream in the void of Twitter @davejoh.

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Music player

Astell & Kern Prepares A & Ultima SP2000T High Resolution Music Player | What Hi-Fi?

Not content with launching its first digital audio player to use three DACs in 2020, premium audio brand Astell & Kern will do even better with its latest version, the A & ultima SP2000T, the company’s first quad-DAC player.

Unlike last year’s SE200, which offered listeners a choice of DACs from different manufacturers, the SP2000T will feature four of the same ESS ES9068AS DAC chips to convert digital file data to analog audio. The chips will have built-in 8x MQA rendering, supporting PCM files up to 32-bit / 384kHz, 96k SPDIF, and DSD1024.

However, the SP2000T still promises to offer sonic versatility. Listeners will have the option of plugging their headphones into the 2.5mm, 3.5mm, or 4.4mm ports, then choosing between three types of amps to complement the music they’re listening to. The SP2000T’s triple amp system offers a tube amp mode, normal op amp setting, or a hybrid amp that uses both tube and op amps. All three modes will be available on the three headphone outputs.

Rounding out the new features is Replay Gain, which allows the player to automatically adjust the volume between tracks and maintain a consistent playback level.

The full tech spec will be available at the end of this month, but we do know that the SP2000T will support 2.4 / 5 GHz wi-fi and Bluetooth using LDAC and aptX-HD codecs as well as with a touchscreen. Full HD 1920×1080.

The A & ultima SP2000T digital music player is expected to launch in October this year.


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Best audiophile headphones of 2021: ultimate high end helmet

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Music player

Astell & Kern Prepares A & Ultima SP2000T High Resolution Music Player | What Hi-Fi?

Not content with launching its first digital audio player to use three DACs in 2020, premium audio brand Astell & Kern will do even better with its latest version, the A & ultima SP2000T, the company’s first quad-DAC player.

Unlike last year’s SE200, which offered listeners a choice of DACs from different manufacturers, the SP2000T will feature four of the same ESS ES9068AS DAC chips to convert digital file data to analog audio. The chips will have built-in 8x MQA rendering, supporting PCM files up to 32-bit / 384kHz, 96k SPDIF, and DSD1024.

However, the SP2000T still promises to offer sonic versatility. Listeners will have the option of plugging their headphones into the 2.5mm, 3.5mm, or 4.4mm ports, then choosing between three types of amps to complement the music they’re listening to. The SP2000T’s triple amp system offers a tube amp mode, normal op amp setting, or a hybrid amp that uses both tube and op amps. All three modes will be available on the three headphone outputs.

Rounding out the new features is Replay Gain, which allows the player to automatically adjust the volume between tracks and maintain a consistent playback level.

Full tech specs will be available at the end of this month, but we do know that the SP2000T will support 2.4 / 5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth using LDAC and aptX-HD codecs, as well as a Full HD 1920×1080 touchscreen.

The A & ultima SP2000T digital music player is expected to launch in October this year.


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